Private Lessons are Crucial for Student Success!

Private lessons are one of the cornerstones of the Utley Middle School band program. All UMS band students (including 6th graders!) are highly encouraged to enroll in private lessons. The band staff has assembled a fantastic staff of private lesson instructors for your child. Private lessons offer your child a unique experience that he or she cannot receive in a regular classroom setting. If you choose to participate in the program, your son or daughter will meet with a private instrumental specialist once a week at an arranged time. Lessons are 25-30 minutes each and can happen before/after school or during the school day. During this time, your student will have 100% of the instructor’s attention. These lessons will be geared toward helping your son or daughter become a truly great musician by teaching them how to improve their musical skills. While we as a band staff strive to work with each student regularly, we are limited because of class size and time. Private lessons are essential and they greatly contribute to a student’s musical success.

Enroll your student in private lessons today!

To enroll in lessons, simply click the button below and a private lesson teacher will reach out to you soon:


Private Lesson Basics

Lessons are $18 per lesson

Lessons are 25-30 minutes

All private lesson teachers are certified by the district

Lessons happen before/after school or during band class

Limited scholarship is available during the school year. 

Eduardo Martinez

Flute Private Teacher

(786) 239-8664

Ivy Carpenter

Oboe Private Teacher

Donna Foley

Bassoon Private Teacher

(903) 805-4797

Karen Pearce

Clarinet Private Teacher

(812) 219-2154

Darron Carrington

Saxophone Private Teacher

(832) 233-4313

Tom Forgue

Saxophone Private Teacher

(214) 927-9880

McKenna Hill

Trumpet Private Teacher

(214) 356-5840

Cristian Roman

Trumpet Private Teacher

(281) 450-8039

Tim Stevens

French Horn Private Teacher

(972) 533-5521

Wes Woodrow

Trombone Private Teacher

(214) 924-6321

Andrew Wilson

Trombone/Low Brass Private Teacher

(903) 819-1445

Howard Desselle

Percussion Private Teacher (RHS)

Andrew Wilson

Trombone/Low Brass Private Teacher 

(970) 691-9494

Ken Drobnak

Euphonium/Tuba Private Teacher

(972) 772-1051

Howard Desselle

Percussion Private Teacher (RHS)

Josiah Gaiter

Percussion Private Teacher (RHHS)

(970) 691-9494