How to Join the Band!

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How to Join the Band!


Here is what you need to know about band:

  • Band classes are offered at each of the five feeder elementary schools for Utley Middle School
    • Dobbs, Jones, Reinhardt, Shannon, and Stevenson Elementary Schools
  • Classes are 45 minutes and meet three days a week based on your instrument
  • We start flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, and percussion.
  • Students who wish to play oboe, bassoon, saxophone, french horn, baritone, or tuba will have the opportunity to switch after the first semester of classes


Here is how to join the band: 

  1. In January, the band directors will come and visit each 5th grade class to talk about band and introduce the instruments
  2. Each elementary school has a slightly different procedure on how to sign up for band class. The band director who visits your campus will have more instructions on how you need to sign up. In most cases, you will fill out an information form for band.
  3. In March and April, there will be instrument testing to determine what instrument you will play in 6th grade.  Screening signups coming soon!
  4. Attend the instrument drive, hosted to secure your instrument for the 2020 school year!  (More information coming soon!)

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