What Is Charms?

Charms is a database used by all Rockwall ISD band directors that helps us keep track of all things band in one easy place.  Think of it like Skyward, but for band.  We can keep track of all of our campuses (six of them just for Utley!) in one place, keep track of fees and forms, and communicate with all of our parents in one easy-to-use place.  Without Charms, we would spend all of our time keeping up with all of our students instead of helping our students become successful musicians!

Updating Your Contact Information in Charms

Follow the steps below to update the contact information for you and your child. If you have any questions, or if there is a technical error, please contact Ms. Taylor

Step 1: Login to Charms

  • Once you have finished reading these steps, click the button below
  • On the next screen, click “Returning Students Click Here”
  • In the following box, type your child’s school ID number
  • Then, click “Enter Student Password/ID”


Click the images to enlarge

Step 2: Navigating to Student Information

  • Once logged into Charms, IGNORE the password reset screen (we like to keep the password the student ID number)
  • Instead, click the Home icon in the upper left-hand corner (looks like a house)
  • On the next screen, click “Update Information” on the bottom row of icons

Step 3: Update Information and Save

  • On the next screen, check the current information, update, and save
  • Make sure to also click on “Parent’s Name Information” blue buttons on the bottom to update that information as well
  • Make sure to click the green “Update” button
  • The more complete and accurate the profile, the better we can keep in touch with you!

When you are ready, click the button below!